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The Company

PRO-Equipment, Inc. is an established major, global manufacturer/supplier of process equipment to the pollution control industry, especially the water/wastewater market. PEI has been serving the wastewater treatment industry since 1997. Our products are generally marketed through independent Representative firms.

Parts and Service

Most PEI products are designed to include readily available worldwide sourced motors, drives, and bearings. Certain special parts or components that are not readily available from suppliers are inventoried at our headquarters in Waukesha, WI. Major components such as gear reducers, bearings, and motors are selected for their availibility in numerous outlets locally as well as for their recognized quality.

Control Panels are designed, manufactured, and serviced by local U.S. companies for equipment furnished to North American facilities.

Field service is directed and usually performed by PEI Staff engineers or technicians. Local independent service firms are engaged for special repair or re-build operations.

Existing Product Installations

It is PEI's intent to present, or otherwise help make it possible for major equipment customers to visit appropriate installations prior to final purchase. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All of the PEI products are supported by installed, operating track records. The majority of our installations, at this time, are in Europe or the Far East. Installations do exist in North America for many products such as Continuous Belt Screens, Screenings Washer/Compactors, Climbing Rake Screens, Screw Screens, Microscreens, Aerators, Blowers, Diffusers, Mixers, Clarifiers, Dissolved Air Floatation, Belt Presses, Pumps, and rapidly expanding to other products.

Examples of such installations include: