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The PEI Headworks Group covers the front end equipment in a typical water or wastewater treatment plant. It ranges from lift station pumping, coarse/fine screening, washing/compacting, conveying, and all the way to grit removing and washing/classifying, municipal and industrial alike. For smaller applications or sewage receiving stations, a combination featuring screening, washing/compacting, oil & grease removal, and grit removal is available as an ICP (Integrated Coarse Pretreatment) system.

PEI offers a proven and reliable Archimedes Screw Pump for high volume, low head wastewater pumping applications. Before or after pumping, screens are in place to protect pumps, equipment, processes and sludge purity. Many different types of mechanical bar screens and fine screens are available for different applications- deep/shallow, wide/narrow, and inclined or vertical.

For example, Pin-Rack Cogwheel Climber Bar Screens are specially designed for deep channel applications where the climbing rake assembly travels up and down to remove the screenings to or above the operating level. Vertical Cable or Strap bar screens are also good for deep applications with a stationary driving mechanism. Screw Screens are for small channel applications where screening, washing, conveying, and compacting of screenings are all completed in only one machine. ROTORAKE bar screens are made of wedged bars and cleaned by a rotating brush/rake/squeegy automatically. Chain Bar Screens are either front- or back-cleaned and applied at different angles to suit the site considerations. They are all automatically controlled by both timer and water level.

Fine Screening by SCC Self-Cleaned Belt Screen, ROTOSCREEN (Drum or Disc), Sidehill Static Screen and ROTODRUM sieve are typically applied in screening particle sizers between 0.004”(0.1mm) and 0.5”(12mm). It is possible to apply fine screening in place of primary clarifiers where the situation warrants. To further wash and compact the removed debris, PEI offers screw and hydraulic washers/compactors to cover most applications

The PEI GRIT GUARD Vortex Degritter is unique and simple. When coupled with grit separators/classifiers, with or without cyclones, cleaned grit goes to its receptacle automatically by design and is ready for off-site disposal. PEI also offers horizontal, inclined or vertical spiral or screw conveyors to meet the solids transportation needs.