Screw Screen


Screw Screen

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The PRO-GUARD Screw Screen product line comes in multiple models to cater to specific application needs.

The PRO-GUARD Screw Screen Model SCS, delivers all the functions as a standard Bar Screen, plus it further cleans, dewaters, conveys and compacts the screenings, all within a powerful single unit. This multi-functional screen is typically used in smaller waste treatment facilities that average 1-10 million gallons per day.

The SCS is self-cleaning, simple and requires minimal maintenance. The continuous rotating screw cleans the screen with auger mounted brushes and transports screenings through the unit. No bearing is required to support the submerged end of the spiral screw. Support is obtained with high-density plastic pads. The entire screen assembly can be quickly pivoted out of the channel for easy maintenance handling. The PRO-GUARD can be installed inside or outside and is typically mounted in a concrete channel or steel tank at any direction.

  • Combines fine screening, washing, compacting and transporting of compacted screenings in a single unit

  • Screen openings of 0.04" to 0.25" (1mm-6mm) typical

  • Continuous screen (semi-cylindrical perforated plate) cleaning with auger mounted brushes

  • Spray washing in 3 locations starting in the screen basket

  • Application to wastewater flows up to 8 MGD

  • Screen can be vertical

  • All 300 series SS materials, electro-polished for improved corrosion protection


This vertical upright version of the Model SCS can accommodate smaller footprints. Working from an upright position, this Screw Screen is designed to occupy limited spaces that may not have sufficient room for an angled screen.


Delivers all the functions as the SCS in addition to having an attached grinder for heavy-duty applications. The grinder discharges smaller particles to the screw screen for final removal from the waste stream.

  • The typical applications include prisons, where large and long stringy objects are frequently carried in the primary waste water.

  • Screen openings and flow capacities are the same as screw screen only

  • Optional pre-screen is available to divert a portion of water flow around grinder for increased system capacity. See GRINDERMATE.


Heat tracing and insulation for below freezing applications.


A Semi-Cylindrical Fine Screens panel located at the bottom of the PRO-GUARD Screw Screen, retains debris from the stream while letting liquid and fine organics pass through. Stiff, replaceable brushes are used to detach and convey screenings upwards to the next zone while cleaning the screen panel.

Collected screenings are transported by the conveying screw into the enclosed tube (housing) section where they move toward the dewatering zone. The screw rides on wear pads and provides draining of the screenings. Anti-Rotation Bars are included to ensure conveying action. As the solids are conveyed up the tube they form a solid plug and increase the resistance to movement. Added resistance causes the plug to compress. In this zone, contained water is squeezed out and drained through a screen drum. Wash water is applied to the drum and drained. At the discharge end a reverse flight, with cutting edge, breaks off the end of the plug and allows it to drop into a receiving container. The water wash and compaction in the compression zone results in cleaned screenings at reduced volume and substantially reduced odor.


  • Flow Rate: Up to 10 mgd

  • Screen Openings: 0.040" to 0.35" (1mm - 9mm)

  • Incline: 30ー to 90ー from Horizontal

  • Material Discharge: Above operating level


  • Multiple functions within single unit

  • Semi-Cylinder Perforated Plate Screen

  • Integral Washing Systems in 3 Locations

  • Either Inclined or Vertical orientation

  • No Submerged Bearings

  • Electro-Polished for improved corrosion protection


  • Ideal for both Municipal and Industrial use

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)