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Cable Rake Bar Screen

Model GT/CS

This mechanical Bar Screen utilizes large screenings rake / bucket, pulled by high-strength steel cables or Kevlar straps, for efficient removal of larger problem-causing debris, protecting valves, pumps and other downstream equipment from damage.

The PRO-Guard Cable Rake is typically installed directly in a concrete trough in a straight, upright vertical position making it suitable for confined spaces and / or wide deep channel lift stations. All moving equipment is kept above water, including drive equipment. This makes the equipment readily assessable for both inspection and maintenance. The GT-CS is operator friendly and allows the operator the freedom of controlling operating cycles manually, by a timer or based on hydraulic head loss utilizing water level detectors. The GT-CS Cable Bucket Rake Bar Screen is solidly designed and manufactured for easy maintenance and long service life delivery.

  • Bar spacing 1/4" (6mm) or larger

  • Screen can be vertical to save space

  • Large screenings rake/bucket to retrieve larger objects

  • Applies to either wastewater, headworks, or water intake

  • Screen is Heavy Duty with application to wide-deep channel or intake applications

  • No submerged bearings

  • Material options for all 300 series SS or painted carbon steel for dry structure


Untreated waste or storm water is received from the upstream side of the Bar Screen. A pivoting rake / trash bucket is lowered to the channel bottom by gravity, on tracks, by special high-strength steel cables or Kevlar straps and drum drive. The gravity lowered rake / trash bucket, the only mechanical part actually entering wastewater, pivots to scoop debris and engage the rake. It is then raised upward by a cable driven drive. When the rake / trash bucket reaches the operating floor; a wiper assembly is activated which ejects the retrieved material through a discharge chute for further handling.


  • Screen Size: Up to 4m wide and wider

  • Screen Openings: 0.25 to 4.0”

  • Channel Depth: Up to 12m or deeper

  • Incline: Vertical

  • Material Discharge: Above Operating Floor Level

  • Material: Stainless Steel (300 Series) or Painted Carbon Steel


  • High Strength Steel Cables or Kevlar Straps

  • Complete Vertical Installation

  • Rotating Parts and Bearings above Water

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Options of Stainless Steel or Painted Carbon Steel


  • Ideal for both Municipal and Industrial Use

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

  • Pumping Stations

  • Water/Process Intake