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Integrated Coarse Pretreatment Receiving Station

Model ICP | Model ICPE

Model ICP

The Integrated Coarse Pretreatment Receiving Station (ICP), is an assembly of multiple wastewater treatment unit processes strategically designed into a single pre-packaged system. The ICP Station is primarily used to pre-treat septage at wastewater treatment plants. The ICP Station can also be used as a complete Headworks package for smaller treatment plants. This Integrated Receiving Station saves footprint space, cost and construction time.

This single container Integrated Treatment Station efficiently, separates, washes and transports grit, grease and screenings from raw wastewater. The ICP Station components consist of a tank, self-cleaning screen, screenings press, grit screw conveyors and control panel. This package is designed for above ground installation.

Model ICPE

The ICPE Receiving Station is a smaller economy version of the ICP Station. This economy model is designed to simply remove screenings and can be mounted directly on any hard surface.

The ICP Station is fully automated and can be controlled through a Septage Hauler Station. It can also be operated manually. The frequency and time of operation of individual components can be adjusted in the control panel. It is suitable for installation indoor or outdoors and available with heat tracing and insulation that allows for use at below freezing temperatures.

  • Consists, as a minimum, of screw screen in steel tank with inlet connection to receive septage from the septage hauler

  • A building block approach adds on grit separation and conveyors, grease separation and removal, and hauler log-on and control station

  • This same system can apply as a complete headworks for smaller wastewater treatment plants

  • Options to thermally insulate and heat trace for outside operation


  • Tank Aerator for increased effectiveness in the removal of grit and organics

  • Heater Unit Casing for below freezing outdoor applications

  • Collection and transport of FOG


Wastewater flows into an inlet flange connection, into the head end of a longitudinal tank, through a self-cleaning screen, and into the grit and FOG section of the tank before discharge. The removed screenings accumulate in the hopper of the screw compactor. The screenings are washed clean and compacted into the discharge tube. In the tank, grit is separated and settles towards the tank bottom where there is a screw conveyor installed. The grit is transported to a hopper from which it is further transported upward and dewatered by the inclined screw conveyor to a container.


  • Material: Stainless Steel (300 Series), plastics and rubber


  • Small Footprint

  • System Prepackaged

  • Inside or Outdoor Applications

  • Heating Option for freezing temperatures

  • Low Cost

  • Simple Installation

  • Optional Grit Washing


  • Ideal for both municipal and industrial use

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) Headworks

  • Upgrading Small (WWTP)

  • Septage Receiving Pre-treatment

  • Water Intake Debris Removal