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Jet-Type Submersible Aerator


The Subair, jet-type submersible aerator, is popular for its simple, cost effective means of providing aeration and mixing of wastewater or sludge. Combining a submersible pump with a powerful jet-based diffuser, the Subair transfers air in while ejecting an air- water mixture through its forceful jets diffuser. The jets powerful air-water ejection produces a powerful, single, mixing current in the water, creating efficient oxygen transfer.

Engineered to rest at a tanks bottom, the Subair delivers essentially a noiseless and vibration free working environment. These self-standing aerators practically install themselves, simply by using a guide tube or cable attachment to drop to the bottom of either a filled or empty tank. Subair is the perfect solution for both small-to-medium sized tanks and suitable for pre-aeration in sewage and wastewater treatment plants.

  • Eliminates the noise of a typical blower and multiple pipes and valves

  • Simplifies maintenance by raising the aerator on guide tubes

  • Direct jet flow for localized or patterned mixing


  • Prevents Sludge Settlement

  • Convenient lift-in and lift-out installation

  • Noiseless and Vibration Free

  • Low Cost Oxygen Transfer

  • Ideal for Small-to-Medium Tanks

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Control Flow for Localized or Patterned Mixing


  • Sludge Tanks

  • Retention Tanks

  • Bio-Reactors