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High-Speed Surface Aerator

The Rotosurf high-speed surface aerator is designed with a compact, stainless steel extended shaft with a clog-free submerged propeller. The shaft and propeller work together to draw wastewater through the aerators intake tank and protruding it outwards, producing a low-trajectory innovative spray pattern. This spray pattern produces a powerful, air-to-water mixing combination, which results in extremely efficient oxygen transfer. The efficient pumping action creates a rapid motion producing a velocity pattern which insures content mixing and oxygen dispersion.

The Rotosurf is an economical and reliable aeration solution, which requires minimal maintenance. The efficient oxygen transfer and tank mixing characteristics makes the Rotosurf a perfect surface aerator for numerous applications including; lagoons and ponds, tanks, basins and reservoirs. Additional surface units can be easily installed to meet increased load requirements.

  • Maximize oxygen transfer and mixing of wastwater

  • Advantageous spray pattern for introducing oxygen into the liquid

  • Pumping action induces a tank velocity pattern, ensuring the mixing of contents and oxygen dispersion

  • Economical and reliable with minimal maintenance


  • Stainless Steel Shaft and Propeller

  • Heavy Duty Bearings and Seals

  • Anti-Fouling Impeller

  • Simple and Flexible Installation

  • Compact Design

  • Low-Cost

  • Multiple Sized Motors available up to 100hp


  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Leachate Treatment

  • Supplemental Aeration

  • Sequencing Batch Reactors

  • Oxidation Ditches

  • Equalization Basins

  • Batch Reactor Processes

  • Sludge Holding