Catenary Chain Rake

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Catenary Chain Rake Bar Screen

Model SYBS | Front-Cleaned

This mechanical Catenary Bar Screen replicates the same principles as a front-cleaned Chain Rake. The chains and rakes are specially engineered to hang free inside the water channel and employ their own weight to engage the screen bars at the channel bottom and effectively remove the debris from the channel before it can damage pumps and other downstream equipment.

The Model SYBS bar screen’s unique, free hanging, design eliminates submerged water parts like shafts, bearings and sprockets and is virtually "jam-proof". This feature makes it an ideal Chain Rake Bar Screen for applications when equipment sits idle for long periods and instant start-up operation is required. It is a highly efficient Chain Rake for high water-flow with variable debris removal demands and solidly designed and manufactured to deliver long service life.

The Catenary Screen comes equipped with a bar rack, beaching plate, multiple rakes, rake wiper, drive chain, upper sprockets, chain return guide rail, shafting, bearings, drive unit and simple control panel. Optional features include trapezoidal bars and various bar space openings.

  • Heavy duty chain/rake coarse bar screen

  • Jam-Proof

  • No submerged bearings

  • No permanent submerged operating parts

  • Variable bar spacing

  • Easy access for maintenance

  • Material options for all 300 series SS or painted carbon steel for dry structure


Untreated waste or storm water is received from the upstream side of the bar screen. The bar rack extends from the bottom of the flow channel where it receives water carrying coarse debris. The debris is removed by a moving rake that is raised on tracks by chains. When the rake reaches the ejector assembly, which consists of a pivoting wiper and a blade, the debris is ejected through a discharge chute.


  • Screen Size: Up to 4m wide and wider

  • Screen Openings: 0.25 to 4.0” or larger

  • Channel Depth: Up to 12m or deeper

  • Incline: 60° - 90° from horizontal

  • Debris Discharge: Above Operating Floor

  • Material Discharge: Beaching Plate

  • Material: Stainless Steel (300 Series) or Painted Carbon Steel


  • Jam-Proof

  • Optional Non-Clog Trapezoidal Bars

  • No Submerged Rotating Parts

  • Instant Operation after long idling periods

  • Various Bar Space Openings

  • Level and Timer Controls

  • Custom Sizes and Options Available

  • Minimal O&M Cost


  • Ideal for both Municipal and Industrial Use

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

  • Pumping Stations

  • Water/Process Intake