Front-Cleaned Chain Rake

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Front-Cleaned Chain Rake Bar Screen

Model GT-CR

This Mechanical Bar Screen is capable of handling the harshest Coarse Screen conditions. The Bar Screen is designed to withstand maximum hydraulic and solids load from incoming water. Equipped with a heavy-duty dual chain, the PRO-GUARD GT-CR removes potentially problem-causing coarse debris, protecting valves, pumps and other downstream equipment.

The front-cleaned Chain Rake Screen comes equipped with the side frames, a beaching plate, bar rack, chain driven rakes, dynamic rotary brush rake wiper, drive unit and an electrical control panel. All structural and functional parts are engineered to prevent deflection and vibration, which could impair the screening process. The operator has the freedom of controlling operating cycles manually through a timer or hydraulic head loss utilizing water level detectors.


Consists of the standard mechanical wiper in addition to a rotating brush, which improves the wiping process. The brush assembly moves in accord with the rake travel.


Untreated waste or storm water is received from the upstream side of the Bar Screen. The Bar Screen extends from the bottom of the flow channel where it receives water carrying coarse debris. The debris is caught by a moving rake that is raised on tracks by chains. When the rake reaches the Advanced Dynamic Cleaning assembly, which consists of a wiper paired with a rotating brush, it activates and ejects the retrieved material through a discharge chute.


  • Screen Size: Up to 4m wide or wider

  • Screen Openings: 0.25 to 4.0”

  • Channel Depth: Up to 12m or deeper

  • Incline: 60 – 90° from horizontal

  • Material Discharge: Above operating floor level

  • Material: Stainless Steel (300 Series) or Carbon Steel Structure


  • Double Chain-Operated

  • Withstands Maximum Hydraulic and Solids Load

  • Deflection and Vibration Proof

  • Reinforced Beaching Plate Located above Screen Bars

  • Accessible Safety Enclosure Enclosure

  • Front-Cleaned and Front-Return Screens


  • Ideal for both municipal and industrial use

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

  • Pumping Stations

  • Water / Process Intake