Vortex Grit Separator

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Vortex Grit Separator

Model VDG | Submerged Thruster

The Model VDG is the most straightforward and economical grit removal system in the market today. GRIT-GUARD creates a powerful vortex, even at a lower flow rate, resulting in an accelerated grit separation.

The GRIT-GUARD is powered by submerged thrusters; a simple, low cost means to delivers optimal vortex flow. The dynamic thruster is engineered with a lifting assembly for manual positioning to produce customized flow directions and velocity. For deeper tanks, multiple thrusters can be strategically arranged to optimize vortex distribution without major cost implications.

GRIT-GUARD Model VDG components apply to tank sizes from 72” to 240". There are no mechanical drives, cross-tanks, support structures or parts to maintain and lubricate. The tank is cylindrical with tangential inlet and a tapered, conical, grit-collection bottom. Collected grit is removed by airlift or centrifugal grit pump.

  • Unique Vortex Degritter design using simple, low cost submerged PEI PRO-MIX propeller thruster to maintain vortex flow

  • Applies to most vortex degritter tank designs

  • Wall mounted thruster is easily retrievable for adjustment or maintenance

  • Variable thruster orientation to optimize performance


The GRIT-GUARD Vortex Grit Separator utilizes a forced vortex to accelerate grit separation and accumulate grit at the tank bottom for removal. In the cylindrical tank, a submerged thruster is positioned to facilitate the vortex flow while a pump lifts the separated grit to the next GRIT-GUARD washing / classifying process.


  • Manual Positioning for Optimal Performance

  • Variety of Model Sizes and Flow Rates

  • No Top-Mounted Drives or Cross-Tanks Support Structure

  • Simple Submerged Thruster


  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Storm and Fresh Water