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Screw Conveyor

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The PRO-VEYOR Screw Conveyor is a device designed for transporting sludge and screenings alike of 1 – 100 mm in size. The equipment employs a shaftless spiral or a helix screw to displace mass particles in a closed or partially closed trough, in a straight direction, from hopper to the discharge point.

The screw conveyor is typically used to convey industrial materials or waste water treatment screenings. In waste water applications, the screw conveyor is frequently used with bar screens and screenings compactors for additional screenings conveyance.

  • Transports sludge and screenings alike

  • Shaftless spiral or helix screw options

  • Displaces mass particles in a closed or partially closed trough

  • Displaces mass particles in an inclined direction from hopper to discharge point

  • Conveys industrial materials or wastewater treatment screenings/solids

  • Pairs with bar screens and screenings compactors for additional screenings conveyance in wastewater applications


The screw conveyor is a device of tube or trough design with inlet and outlet openings situated at both ends. Length and inclination of the tube/trough with the shaftless spiral or helix screw represent the path of transported material. Shaftless spirals or helix screws are the transport mechanism driven by an electric gear motor. Axial force originating from the spiral/screw rotation is utilized for forwarding successive movement of the transported material. The input opening is normally fitted with a receiving hopper; the discharge end with a discharge chute.

In addition to the recommended types below, PRO-Equipment, Inc. offers conveyors according to specific customer demands: conveyors fitted with two hoppers, conveyors for different inclinations, conveyors with heated jacket, with double spiral/screw, and other special versions.

Spiral/ Screw conveyors are made solely of stainless steel because of the usual corrosive environment. Control panels are offered for spiral/helix motion control as an option. Associated equipment, such as bar screens, and helix heating can be operated and controlled by this control panel.