PB/PPT/PL Chemical Pump/Filter

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Chemical Pump and Chemical Filter




  1. A versatile filter provides outstanding performance. Choice of various filtering elements to meet specific filtering requirements.

  2. The filter body is injection molded from FRPP plastic steel. Featuring high tempurature resistance and acid/alkaline resistance.

  3. In the event of motor overload or single phase running, power shuts off automatically.

  4. Modular structure ensures 100% interchangeability. Easy to change for various filtering elements.

  5. Motor guard avoids corrosion in acid environment.

  6. The core filtering with bellow shaped filtering cloth provides high precision with wide area filtering, high efficiency, easy to operate and clean

  7. Furnished with 1 bottom or check valve, 1 PVC, 1 set PVC inlet/outlet or PP flange.

  8. Various filter elements for choice; pressure core filter, pressure tube filter bellow filter, lock core filter, and filter paper. Also available to fit self-circulation circuit, active carbon treatment device, active carbon shaft with core. Easy to operate.