CP Submersible Pump

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CP Submersible Pump

Model CP



  • Wastewater Lift Station

  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Building Wastewater Treatment System

  • Animal and Poultry Farm Wastewater Treatment System

  • Hospital, School, Community, etc. Wastewater Treatment System

  • Food. Paper, Mining, Textile, Leather, Chemical Industry, etc. Wastewater Treatment System

  • Water Purification System


  1. Motor

    • Squirrel cage, induction motors are F class insulation. The thermal protector is optional to secure the protection of motor against overload & overheating, above 25HP adopt cooling house to make motor cool.

  2. Non-Clog Impeller

    • Well statistically & dynamically balanced Non-Clog impeller is designed to allow sizable spherical solids to pass the plow passage easily without clogging.

  3. Seal Mechanism

    • The cable assembly is formed to one piece. The mechanical seals protect the motor from contacting the pumping liquids.

  4. Auto-Settler (Options)

    • To allow pump for easy installation, maintenance & reparation, as it is no need to empty the tank first.

  5. Leakage Detector (Options)

    • Built-in leakage detector in the oil chamber can detect leakage from the damage of the mechanical seal.

  6. Heat-Detector

    • Built-in heat protector in motor can prevent the motor from burning out.