GMP Self-Priming Pump

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Self Priming Pump

Model CY



  1. Industrial Water Supply and Drainage

  2. Building Site Water Supply and Drainage

  3. Irrigation and Drainage for Agricultural and Horticultural

  4. Drainage for Sewer and Purifying tanks

  5. Drainage for Wastewater Treatment


  • Direct suction of a common axis. High efficiency. Compact design, light weight, save space and easy to install.

  • With mechanical seal that guarantees leakage-free, shaft never damaged, save the trouble of intercalating gland packing and lengthen the life expectancy.

  • Special construction for the pump casing, high self priming capability and shorten the time-taken of water.

  • With open-type impeller which drainages waste water effectively.

  • Special minor impeller design helps to minimize the pressure imposed on the axis and motion lost. More effective than the balanced hole design.

  • Only initial water adding is required. Continuous water addition is not required.