GPS Coaxial Volute

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Coaxial Volute Pump

Model G



The pump specially applies to air conditioned cold or hot water circulation and also applies to the following:

  1. Can be used together with equipment

  2. Water supplying system of apartment (buildings)

  3. Industrial water supply

  4. Fire-fighting water system

  5. Construction engineering water supply

  6. Wastewater Treatment

  7. Farm water irrigation

  8. Boiler Water Supply


  • The optimal hydraulic model is used for impeller, the pump is of an utmost dynamic-static balance and reliable performance.

  • The pump shaft is an extended one from the motor, so the concentricity is absolutely reliable.

  • The pump which is supported by imported bearing, runs at little vibration and low noise.

  • Single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pump; closed impeller and volute chamber are adopted.

  • Coaxial volute structure, high efficiency, small volume, light weight, easy installation and maintenance.

  • Mechanical seal, no damage to shaft, no leakage, long duration.

  • Can choose other materials according to the customer's requirement.