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Archimedean Screw Pump

Model SPK

ROTOSCREW Archimedean Screw Pump —This powerful Screw Pump is predominately used for lifting low-lying water/wastewater to higher elevations. The ROTOSCREW Pump works by rotating a motor driven inclined screw that is housed within a concrete/steel trough which raises-up large volumes of water, delivering powerful pumping results. This pump design is ideal for water transport applications, including wastewater sewage treatment, irrigation and flood control.

ROTOSCREW is an open type Archimedean Pump supported by a heavy-duty upper bearing and a specially designed, hermetically sealed, self-lubricated lower bearing. The upper bearing is designed to take both axial and radial loads while the lower bearing simply provides radial support.

Designed and manufactured with multiple flight ranges and inclination degrees, the ROTOSCREW is highly adaptable to accommodate even the highest flow and lift needs. It can be installed either in concrete troughs or integral steel trough housings and support structures.


The powerful screw collects water at the lower end and forces it up the trough until it discharges at the top.


  • Incline: Up to 38°

  • Material: Painted Carbon Steel

  • Screw Diameter: Up to 3.2m

  • Flow Rate: Up to 4,000 cms (65,000 gpm)

  • Elevation: Up to 13m (43 ft)


  • Ability to Convey Large Debris

  • Level and Timer Controls

  • Custom Sizes and Options Available

  • Minimal O&M Cost

  • Labyrinth Sealed Lower Bearing

  • Gentle Conveyance of Solids


  • Ideal for both Municipal and Industrial Use

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

  • Pumping Stations

  • Water/Process Intake