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Progressive Cavity Screw Pump


The ROTOPUMP is a progressive cavity type pump with a single-shaft, turning eccentrically. It is composed of a rotor and a stator as shown in the following figure. The rotor is made of metal with a circular cross section, while the stator is composed of elastic material with a long circular cross section. The rotor is inside the stator. When the rotor rotates, liquid between the rotor and stator will be forced to move from inlet to outlet and transportation of the liquid is achieved.



  1. Wide application range – can handle liquid with high/low viscosity or with semi-solid content.

  2. Strong suction ability (8.5M water head), water supply equipment not needed.

  3. Constant transport rate without pulse, vortex, or mixing.

  4. Can rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. Therefore, liquid can be transported in both directions.

  5. High discharge pressure even at low flow rate.

  6. Can control flow volume by adjusting rotation speed.

  7. Quiet during operation.

  8. Simple construction, easy to operate and maintain.

  9. High discharge capacity can be 1.5-1.6 times more than that of the others with the same size rotor.


  • Transport dirty water, oil, liquid paper, concrete water, polluted water, heavy oil building industry, mining industry, line dirty mud, paint, soap liquid, etc.

  • Transport paint, cosmetic, chemical industry, liquid paper, sugar-making, food, farm/marine products, kiln industry, fish oil, boat, dirty mud, underground, urine processing, etc.

  • Transport juice, drink, chocolate fruit jam, salad jam, cosmetic, medicine, food industry, and chemical industry.

  • Transport fish jam, minced meat, concrete water, through deposit dirty water, paint, marine products, fermentation deposit, building industry, etc.

  • Transport dirty water (with 60%-90% water), fiber block, syrup, thick liquid paper, fruit dregs, fish dregs, dung, etc.