Dissolved Air Floatation


Dissolved Air Floatation


ROTOFLOAT LC is a modern flow-through circular flotation unit designed according to “zero velocity”, the best and proven technology in the field of dissolved air flotation. Among its advantages are the high capacity, shallow tank and small footprint accompanied by high efficiency and operational reliability.

ROTOFLOAT LC is a rotary flotation unit consisting of a flotation tank with center column, a collection/distribution/scraper arm assembly rotating near the bottom of the tank, a pressurization system including flow recirculation loop and air dissolving assembly, a float collection and conveying system and necessary instrumentation and controls.

While rotating together at a speed to create “zero-velocity”, the collection arm collects the clarified water via its front opening while the following distribution arm distributes the mixture of raw wastewater and pressurized air-containing recirculation flow via its back opening. Positioned on top, the float collection system includes scraping arms that move floated solids into the conveyor, a screw conveyor and its drive unit.

The rotation of the arms and collector is driven by a drive assembly on top, or underneath the bottom, of the tank. The water level in the flotation unit is adjustable and controlled by an overflow weir in the discharge arrangement of the clarified water. In case of high flow fluctuation, the drive of the rotating arms can be equipped with a variable frequency drive to synchronize with the input of a flow meter.

There are different ways of dissolving air into the recirculated flow. Most common options from PEI include a single DAF pump, a recirculation pump with ADT or pressure vessel.

  • Simple

  • Compact

  • Low Cost

  • Reliable

  • Performance