Dissolved Air Floatation Pump

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Dissolved Air Floatation Pump

Model EB3U; LBU403C120L; LBU602C160L


The EDUR dissolved air floatation (DAF) pump is a very effective way to separate suspended solids and emulsified oils from industrial waste streams. Microscopic air bubbles are produced and mixed with waste water containing the suspended contaminants. The small bubbles attach themselves to the suspended particles, which gives them a net positive buoyancy. These buoyant clusters of particles and bubbles rise smoothly to the surface forming a float which is reduced by skimming.

Air and recycled "clean" effluent is introduced to the pump section. The proportion of air/water is controlled through simple valves. Under pump discharge pressure this air effluent mixture becomes supersaturated with air microbubbles. This enriched stream is then recycled back into the dirty effluent and fed to the DAF unit. Up to 35% air can be achieved with 100% saturation and microbubble size smaller than 30 microns.


  • Long service life because of low wear caused by the inevitable contamination of liquids with solid particles

  • Steady pumping characteristics even with changing points of operation

  • Sufficient blending of effluent and air to obtain maximum entrainment of air microbubbles @ 30 micron size

  • Construction available in Stainless Steel, Bronze, Gray Cast Iron or Gray Cast Iron (all Iron)

  • No additional air tanks, controls, or compressed air required

  • Dissolving Tube option available

Normal standard pumps are not able to meet these requirements. The hydraulic parts of EDUR pumps have been specially designed to cope with problems which arise when pumping effluent/air mixtures. The distinctive feature of the EDUR pump is the impeller, open on both sides, and the innovative hydraulic design of the impeller blades.