RD-GT Rotary Thickener

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Rotary Thickener

Model RD-GT


TRIAD RD-GT Gravity Rotary Drum Thickener is an internal-fed solids-thickening device and is designed to handle slurry/sludge containing excess free water to be gravity drained. Typical solids in the stream can be concentrated 2 to 10 times. The RD-GT Thickener is constructed of quality stainless steel, including the wedgewire drum sieve, enclosure and overall support structure.

Drum sieve wedgewire opening sizes range typically from 0.01” (0.25mm) to 0.04” (1mm). The drum sieve is backwashed by a spray assembly. A self-cleaning action is built in the wedgewire design so as washwater impinges at high velocity it prevents clogging and ensures reliable continuous performance. The screen is covered to insure safety and contain mist and odor. The drum drive system consists of a gearmotor, with optional VFD controls.


The TRIAD RD-GT Rotary Drum Thickener is designed to operate with minimal attendance. Influent enters a headbox inside the wedgewire drum. The headbox overflows and distributes the flow evenly onto the rotating drum. As water drains through the openings, solids are retained on the inside of the drum.

Specially configured spiral diverter flights inside the drum convey the solids along the length of the screen to discharge. No doctor blade is required in this design. The solids drop off into a container through a discharge chute to be pumped or conveyed for dewatering or further processing to reduce the water content and increase the solids dryness.

The unit is equipped with water sprays to clean the drum as it rotates. Through the wedged openings, the spraying/backwash assembly, located on the upper half of the cylinder, will wash off any solids, grease and/or other materials sticking to the face of the screening media and thus keep the inside of the cylinder clean. The backwash can be set manually, timed, or programmed to operate on an asneeded basis.

PRO-Equipment, Inc. can engineer and supply a complete skid-mounted thickening package to include polymer dosing, sludge feed, flocculation tank, thickened sludge pump, and control panel.