SCC Belt Screen

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Continuous Self-Cleaning Belt Screen

Model SCC

This Self-Cleaning, Continuous Belt Screen is a popular all-purpose Fine Screen Separator. The filtering belt plates effectively remove debris from raw wastewater/process water before the particles can damage pumps and other equipment. When paired with the PRO-PACTOR Screen Washer/Compactor, the SCC's raw screenings are washed and compacted into a dense, odor-free plug for ultimate disposal. This Self-Cleaning Belt Screen is suitable for numerous applications including, water treatment/wastewater treatment plants, food processing industries and pumping stations.

The PRO-GUARD line is specially engineered for installations in typical concrete channels or steel tanks. All models come equipped with a continuous belt, a structured frame, screen anchorage and support, discharge chute, self-contained rotating drive, cleaning brush and a frontal water spray. There are no rotating parts below the water line. All structural and functional parts are engineered and manufactured to prevent corrosion and maximize service life.

  • Screen openings from 0.06" to 0.6" (1.5mm-15mm)

  • Never clogs due to continuous clean screen feed

  • Materials in all 300 series SS and high impact plastic

  • No submerged bearings

  • Water spray optional for cleaning

  • Applies to deep channels and extended discharge elevations

  • Can be vertical and/or band dual-flow configured

  • Available with washer/compactor


  • Air / Water Jet cleaning mechanism to enhance solids removal on the belt

  • Heat traced with insulation for operation below freezing temperatures

  • Special support structure to allow pivoting of the screen above the channel


Waste water flows through the belt screen where debris is retained on the belt. The belt raises the debris into a hopper while liquid flows through the screen. This screen has an inherent self-cleaning feature. The way the belt rotates, on its return, the belt elements pivot to mechanically eject debris. A rotating nylon brush with wiper bar and / or internal spray provide additional belt cleaning. The belt is driven by an electric gear motor and can be adjusted in the lateral direction and tensioned. The released screenings are directed to a discharging hopper.

A Specialized Control Panel automatically activates the belt when the upstream water level rises and converts back to timer mode when the water level decreases.


  • Screen Openings: 0.04, 0.12, 0.24, 0.3, 0.6 inch (1,3,6,7.5, 15mm)

  • Channel Depth: 1.3 – 26 ft. (0.4 – 8.0m)

  • Channel Width: 1.3 – 13 ft. (0.4 - 4.0m)

  • (Channels wider than 6.6 ft. (2.0m) is applied in dual or multiple units

  • Incline: Standard — 60° – 90° (can accommodate needs)

  • Material Discharge: Above operating floor

  • Material: 300 Series Stainless Steel, High-Impact ABS Plastic Belt Elements and Rollers


  • Self-cleaning and Clog Free

  • Durable Non-Corrosive components

  • Rotating Brush / Spray for Final Belt Cleaning

  • Screen Front Water Spray to Liquefy Fecal Matter

  • No Submerged Bearings

  • Vertical and / or Band (Dual-Flow) Configuration

  • Variety of Optional Add-Ons


  • Ideal for both Municipal and Industrial use

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) Headworks

  • Food and Spirit Processing