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SCC Washer / Compactor

For PRO-GUARD SCC Belt Screen


This rugged Washer, Compactor combination is highly effective in reducing screenings volume and removing organic content. The Pro-Pactor is manufactured in both a screw type and a hydraulic ram type, to fit specific applications. These powerful, Pro-Equipment, compactors have feed hopper capacities to over 13 gpm, and eliminate up to 80% screenings volume, resulting in significant disposal reduction costs.

The PRO-PACTOR Washer / Compactor receives screenings from screening units like the PRO-GUARD Self-Cleaning Belt Screen, then washes and compacts these filtered screenings into a dense, odor free plug for ultimate space reduction and cost savings disposal. The all stainless steel screw, housing and discharge duct combined with heavy wall construction guarantees years of maintenance free service.

  • Washes and compacts raw screenings, sludge and other solids

  • Capacity fo 4 yd3/hr (3 M3/hr)

  • Volume reduction up to 80%

  • Transports screenings discharge over moderate distance

  • Inclines from 0 to 60 degrees

  • Spray washing in inlet hopper and dewatering zone

  • Materials in 300 series SS


  • Heated enclosure (jackets)


Screenings are discharged from screening units directly into the Pro-Pactor’s feed hopper. The powerful spiral shafted screw moves the deposited screenings into a washing cycle. This cycle mixes service water through the screenings. Organic matter is washed away and fecal matter is loosened away from the screenings, during this washing process. The spiral screw then delivers the washed screenings to a press sector where they are dewatered and discharged through a discharge pipe into a container, or conveyor.


  • Screw Diameter: 8”, 12”, 14” (200, 300, 350mm)

  • Fecal Matter Reduction: Over 90%

  • Volume Reduction: 80%

  • Weight Reduction: 60 - 70%

  • Throughput: Up to 450 ft3/hr

  • Feed Hopper Capacity: 13 gpm (4yd3/hr, 3 M3/hr)

  • Conveyor Length: Up to 20 feet

  • Material: Stainless Steel Screw (300 Series), Housing and Discharge Duct


  • Shafted Screw Design for Increased Compaction Strength

  • Heavy-duty Spherical Shaft Bearing

  • Integral Washing System

  • Adaptive for Existing Installations


  • Ideal for both Municipal and Industrial use

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) Headworks

  • Pumping Stations: Flood Control

  • Water Intake: Debris Removal

  • Food and Spirit Processing